How Fair Trade Can Make A Difference

It is important to understand that, as the world exists today, many villagers around the world would starve without a commercial outlet for their goods. This desperation causes people to pillage their land, expose themselves to toxic conditions, and forsake their children’s education; all in order to sell their goods at poverty inducing prices. This is a vicious and unjust predicament.

Fair trade is one step towards righting this system. Fair trade production promotes equitable and long-term relationships between consumers and producers; provides financial and technical support to producers; pays fair wages in a local context; offers safe and healthy working conditions; guarantees no abuse of child labor; and ensures environmentally sustainable practices. Returns are often invested in community projects, such as health clinics, education and child care.

Fair trade is not charity; it enables communities to become empowered and self-sustaining in ways that also protect their environment. Purchasing fair trade products can actually change the lives of some of the world’s poorest people.


“I can’t imagine where I would be without the support from Teddy. It has provided me with stability and hope”

Although Prema was widowed while pregnant, she was determined to support herself and her daughter. Her uncle introduced her to Teddy Exports, a fair trade organization in southern India that employs over 300 artisans.

While Prema trained as a tailor, her daughter was taken care of at the on-site childcare center, and was eventually able to attend the Teddy School, a school for children of employees.

Teddy provides their employees with many benefits such as medical care, paid maternity leave, and a pension plan .Their proceeds fund the Teddy Trust, a local clinic that provides healthcare and AIDS education to villagers.

Courtesy of World Finds

We are all stewards of this planet; we must all be part of the solution for sustainability. We hope, by providing you a simple way to make a small difference, we can ultimately have a dramatic impact on the state of our precious world.

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