What if every worker, in every country, was protected and paid a fair wage?
What if every child, everywhere, received an education and health care?
What if every manufacturer and producer preserved the environment?
What if our world was a safe and equitable place for all life?
What if you help create this world with each and every purchase you make?
What if, together, we make it happen?

Why We’re Passionate about Fair Trade and Eco-Friendly Practices


Years ago we began journeying to further reaches of the world to experience the traditions and wisdoms of indigenous cultures.

Our hearts and souls were deepened beyond our imagination as we were privileged to be a part of many different people’s ways of life. We have been gifted by their love and kindness, altered by their ceremonies, enriched by their wisdoms, and humbled by their simplicity.

Our travels also brought us face to face with the travesties of social, economic, and environmental injustices widespread throughout the world. While these inequalities have clearly originated with the development and impact of Western Culture, it is senseless to point fingers and spout blame; it is equally sensible to adopt a position of responsibility for righting the disparities existent and ongoing today.

We completely understand that commerce is not the ultimate answer. However, we have come to understand that a socially and environmentally just form of commerce is a stepping stone: One that will be the first step of a pathway leading to more solid and stable solutions for a world of justice and equality.

Pico’s is our small gesture towards this goal. We believe it is not about finding a good deal or a better deal; it’s about ensuring people‛s lives are a good deal better. At least by shopping smart and spending your dollar wisely you can support prosperity, not poverty.

The Impact of Fair Trade


“We can live the life we want, without cultural restraints.
We feel empowered, like there’s nothing we can’t do.
The factors keeping us oppressed are gone thanks to Tara.”

Shaista was born into an orthodox Muslim family in Old Delhi, India. As a woman, it was difficult to find work in her community without discrimination.

With the help of two of her siblings, she started a self-help group and began working on handicrafts for Tara Projects. Gradually, under the leadership of Shaista, they now have 25 women in their group. Everyone is receiving fair wages in accordance with their experience and skill level. The workers all have health care and work in a clean, well-ventilated facility.

Courtesy of World Finds

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