All Natural Body Cleansing Foot Pads


Herbal foot pads were first introduced in the 1400’s by Japanese herbalists.


Just about everything these days can lead to a toxin build-up in our bodies, including processed food, poor air quality, medications, stress, diseases, cosmetics and even synthetics. These herbal pads provides an all-natural route to cleansing the body of toxins when placed under the feet, or perhaps elsewhere on the body pads which remove pain or health issues in that area. They are recommended on the feet, as that is the best place to drain the entire body of toxins at once.  Contains 14 pads.

Directions:  Apply patches on the soles of the feet 1 hour before bedtime.  Use patches only once, discard in the morning.  Over the 7 nights, discoloration on the pads will subside.  Do not use on sensitive skin or on the face.

Ingredients: Bamboo Vinegar, Tourmaline, Dextrin, Chitin, Chamomile, Detox Herbs (Hawthorn, Folium ERiobotryae, Indigowoad Root)

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